London weather: Storms make December wettest month on record while 2015 is sixth wettest year in a century

Catherine Neilan
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Flood Warnings Continue As More Rain Is Forecast Across England
This won't surprise some of you (Source: Getty)

You weren't imagining it: December really was the wettest month on record, rounding off an exceptionally rainy year.

In fact 2015 was the sixth wettest year in more than a century, since the Met Office's records began in 1910.

Scotland, northern England and Wales all experienced record-breaking December rainfall, while for central and southern England it was average for the time of year.

It was also the warmest December on record, with temperatures reaching an average of 7.9°C, which is 4.1°C above the long-term average. The previous record was 6.9°C in 1934.

Because of this, there was virtually no air frost across much of England, with the UK as a whole seeing less than three days of air frost on average for December, eight days below the long term average.

However the year as a whole wasn't sweltering. The average temperature for 2015 has been confirmed as 9.2°C, which the Met Office described as "notably warm but not exceptional". The warmest year on record was set in 2014 at 9.9°C.

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