Overheads, staffing - and it's the economy, stupid: The 10 reasons UK leaders lose 34 nights of sleep a year

Emma Haslett
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Bosses are losing sleep over the economy (Source: Getty)

If you found it hard to nod off last night, you're far from the only one: a new study has shown business decision makers lose 5.27 hours of sleep a week - that's 34 nights a year - over their work.

The survey, by Heathrow Express, found 35 per cent of leaders admit to having trouble dropping off because they are worrying about work.

What are all these restless people losing sleep over? According to the study, most worry about the economy - although the increasing cost of overheads came second on the list, followed by the ever-present challenge of staffing.


1. Weathering the economy

2. The increasing cost of overheads

3. Finding qualified staff

4. Standing out in crowded markets

5. Innovating

6. Raising funds for investment

7. Understanding the next generation of consumers

8. Entering international markets

9. Market regulation

10. Patenting ideas

The survey, by Big Health, found those who spend a "below average" amount of time in bed can lose as many as 14.6 days of work a year, with 46 per cent saying they can't concentrate when they're tired, while 38 per cent said they can't finish work at all.

Clearly, leaders need to follow David Cameron's example and chillax: a study published in December found workers lose 8.5 working days a year thanks to sleep deprivation.

So here's one idea for a good new year's resolution: stop worrying about the economy...

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