Meet the Faraday Future concept car FFZERO1, a new rival to Tesla's electric vehicles people are calling the batmobile

Lynsey Barber
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The sportscar look wowed the CES audience (Source: Faraday Future)

A new concept electric vehicle has been unveiled by secretive US company Faraday Future, which claims it will be as revolutionary as the iPhone

The FFZERO1 concept car made its debut at Las Vegas technology show CES, showing off a slick sports car style design with ambitions of giving electric vehicle king Tesla a run for its money.

The new car is just a concept at this stage, and is unlikely to go into mass production as is. However, Faraday Future, which was founded just 18 months ago and boasts former Tesla staffers among its senior leadership team, has said it will invest $1bn in its first production facility in Nevada, including 4,500 jobs. It already counts 500 staff.

What does the car deliver? Well, 1,000 horsepower, speeds of 0-60mph in less than three seconds and a 200mph top speed - and, of course, a look that resembles the Batmobile.

Features include a connection with your smartphone, a glass roof and Formula 1 style sitting position and steering wheel. It also boasts a modular design, which means the size and number of batteries can be changed.

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