Want to bring down global capitalism? Tweet Nat Rothschild...

Edith Hancock
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A London cabbie took to Twitter to bemoan the free market (Source: Getty)

Nat Rothschild, the 44-year-old from an extensive lineage of financiers, has become the latest unlikely supporter of the anti-capitalist movement after retweeting sentiment to that effect at the weekend.

On Sunday evening, a green badge holding London cab driver tweeted the statement: “This free market the Tories are so keen on is a myth, It’s capitalism at its worst, no rights for the common man”, which got a fair few retweets from a mixed bag of supporters; fellow cabbies, Labour supporters… and Mr Rothschild.

Now, it’s important to remember here that endless Twitter bios repeat the phrase “retweet is not an endorsement”, so to get his side of the story we tried to make contact with Rothschild. We wanted to find out if the driver in question was a supporter of Maaxi, an app that allows people to car-pool black cabs and Rothschild’s newest venture into mobile technology.

Of course, we also wanted to know if he saw the irony in a privately educated, billionaire investor posting a denouncement of capitalism and the Conservatives.

Alas, Rothschild had not responded to our phone calls, or the three e-mails we sent, at the time of going to print last night. But it didn’t escape our attention that he has since deleted the retweet in question. Was it something we said?

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