Kwik Fit wants you to lose the spare tyre by lifting tyres

Lynsey Barber
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Anyone can shift the literal and figurative spare tyre (Source: Getty)

If you need a little help shifting that post-Christmas paunch, where do you go? Err, a tyre fitters. Of course.

Where better to shift that spare tyre than somewhere already familiar with, well, shifting spare tyres. That's what you can do at Kwik Fit's new fitness class where lifting, flipping and throwing tyres will help you lose those pounds by apparently burning 1,200 calories a session, Press Association reports.

"There's no doubt tyres are a brilliant foundation to a work out - not only for lifting, but on the floor during cardio exercises," said personal trainer Mikah Simpson, who designed the workout with Kwik Fit staff, who noticed that their own tyre lifting on a daily basis was good for fitness.

"The most important thing when getting fit is to simply get started and do something you enjoy. We promise to create a fun atmosphere and leave participants feeling that they've done something worthwhile."

Kwik Fit may be wheeling out a pun on tyres, but anyone who fancies giving it a go can in fact do it for free at the firm's New Kent Road shop, where the trial 30 minute sessions will run every Sunday morning in January to put you on track for 2016.

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