How to learn to use new office software: We're struggling more and more to understand new tech at work

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Software fatigue settles in earlier than you might think (Source: Getty)

If you find it a struggle to understand new tech and software updates in the office, it may be some small comfort to learn that you’re far from alone.

In fact, it seems to be growing steadily harder and harder.

A fresh survey from accountancy firm MHA MacIntyre Hudson has found that one in four polled admit to struggling more and more to learn how to use new software with each passing year.

Stereotypes may lead us to believe it is only the office fuddy duddies, nearing retirement, that struggle to cope with the latest version of Microsoft Excel, and indeed, the survey did find that difficulty increases with age.

But software fatigue settles in a lot earlier than you might think.

Even millennials grow weary of keeping up to date with the latest tech, with 15 per cent of those in their mid-twenties to early thirties confessing they found it a “challenge”

Jason Mitchell, partner at MHA MacIntyre Hudson, said this showed the need for more training:

We found that people overwhelmingly prefer hands-on learning from practical demonstrations rather than lecture-style training. And they wanted to be allowed the time to experiment and learn at their own pace after formal training sessions.

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