This visualisation shows you where London's busiest spots will be during New Year's Eve - and where to avoid

Emma Haslett
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New Years Eve 2005
Whatever you do, avoid the London Eye... (Source: Getty)

New Year's Eve is all well and good - but as people turn up to celebrate, parts of central London become claustrophobically crowded, while others empty out altogether.

If you're looking for the best place to go, data might provide the answer. Big data company Inrix has created this visualisation of the busiest parts of London during the biggest party night of the year.

From 5am, when City workers begin to trickle into their offices, to midnight, when London becomes a heaving mass of bodies - to 2am, when the capital's transport hubs become the busiest, the company has mapped where the most people will be - and the best places to avoid.

Want to know where the party's at? Watch the visualisation below...

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