US Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump will "spend $2m a week on campaign"

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Donald Trump Campaigns In Grand Rapids
Trump is leading in the polls (Source: Getty)

Donald Trump has said he will spend $2m a week on his campaign, as the year of the US presidential election looms.

Speaking to CNN, Trump said: "I'll be spending a minimum of $2m a week and perhaps substantially more than that."

The multi-billionaire said he will do "substantial" adverts in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, which will "talk about a lot of things including the border, trade, Isis and security for the country".

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Trump also said he is proud of the fact that he has spent the least, but had the best result, alluding to his position at the top of polls for the Republican nomination.

Comparatively, Jeb Bush "has wasted $40m" on his campaign to become the next President ahead of primaries in February, Trump said.

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Trump has previously boasted of the benefit to spending his own money, rather than having to raise it, as it means he is not under the influence of any individuals or lobbyists.

Meanwhile, former New York governor George E. Pataki suspended his campaign yesterday, after failing to register in the polls, but said he thought the Republicans would pick the right candidate.

The presidential election will be held in November 2016.

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