Looking for a job? Five ways to boost your CV - and land a top job in 2016

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Thinking of a new job to go with the new year? As January approaches, many will have made a New Year’s resolution to take their career in a new direction.

But what can you do to make sure your CV stands out enough to land you a top job in 2016?

Just having the right qualifications isn't always enough - but recruiter Hays has put together the top skills job seekers need to make sure they’re the winning candidate.

1. Disrupt your CV

“Think about how you could ‘disrupt’ your CV and add a digital element to it,” writes Hays.

This disruption could be adding a link to your website, video or blog post - just make sure it’s relevant to the role you’re applying for...

2. Be open to freelancing

Contract and temporary assignments are soaring in most sectors. It’s conveniently flexible for employers and has the added bonus of expanding your experience and network.

3. Promote yourself on social media

So you’re on LinkedIn. Big deal - this is no longer enough for 2016. To stand out,s you need to be more active on social media: like, post and share relevant content.

4. Be a change agent

Technological changes are happening faster and faster, so show employers you’re comfortable with that. “Make sure you are known for driving innovation, integrating technology and learning best practice from others in order to make informed changes to the way business is done,” writes Hays.

5. Stay at the top of your recruiter’s talent list

Make sure you’re keeping your recruiter updated with your circumstances and ensure you follow their advice.

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