Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tells cyclist Bradley Wiggins he enjoys leadership pressure and could become Prime Minister

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Corbyn said he is very proud of his position as Labour leader (Source: Getty)

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he can see himself becoming Prime Minister, just months after sweeping to electoral victory in Labour's leadership contest in September.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4 to Olympic gold medal winner and Tour de France champion Bradley Wiggins, Corbyn said "Yes, yes we could", in response to a question asking whether he can envisage becoming Prime Minister.

Guest editing BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Wiggins also discussed with the Labour leader the feeling of reaching the top after years of work on the sidelines.

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While Corbyn rejected a sport analogy, saying he never approaches politics with an "in it to win it" mentality, he said:

I never really thought I would be appointed to any sort of position so my aspirations, in so far as I had any personal aspirations, were to do my best to represent people and take up causes

Corbyn said he was persuaded to enter the Labour leadership contest, which he went on to win by a landslide of 60 per cent, but is "very, very proud of that position".

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"It is a huge amount of work and pressure but basically very enjoyable," Corbyn added.

"I quite enjoy pressure. I don't worry about things particularly. I just get on with it."

In a rare insight into Corbyn's personal life, he also said he enjoys growing vegetables, making jam and doing woodwork.

Corbyn has had a volatile time since he took the reins of the Labour party, credited by those on the left with his anti-austerity message but disregarded by others for his economic and foreign policy.

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