Music ban on the Tube, child-free restaurants and four-day working week: The 10 laws we most want to see introduced in 2016

Clara Guibourg
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Ban on being drunk in a pub, carrying a plank along a pavement or flying kites in the street.

There are plenty of weird British laws that we suspect may not always be strictly enforced (not that we’ve ever seen anyone inebriated in a pub, of course).

But what about laws that ought to exist, but don’t?

It turns out what the majority of us are most clamouring for is a law that will force our fellow commuters to stop bugging us, according to Dogs Trust. The charity surveyed 2,000 Britons to find the laws people most want to see introduced in 2016.

But employers, watch out: The four-day working week also makes the top ten, listed below:

1. Ban on playing loud music on public transport

Please. As if a rush hour commute wasn’t bad enough without having to suffer through your fellow commuters inevitably terrible taste in music.

2. Fireworks banned (except on 5 November, because if you cannot have fireworks on Bonfire Night what is the point)

This is to reduce animal distress, as dogs in particular enjoy fireworks displays far less than we do.

3. Ban on putting feet on the seat of the Tube.


4. 60 day retail returns policy for unwanted items

A 30-day return was introduced this year, but we clearly need more time to decide, okay?

5. Ban hotel check outs earlier than 12pm

Especially if you’re on holiday, those 10am check outs are just cruel.

6. Absolutely no Christmas songs to be played in public before 1 December

7. ...and while we’re at it, no Christmas adverts displayed before then, either.

Considering Christmas seem to start in October for many shops now, it’s high time this ban was introduced.

8. Compulsory child-free areas in restaurants, hotels and bars

You may think your little tykes are adorable, but it seems some other guests would rather eat their meals without the risk of children screaming.

9. Four-day working week

It’s the dream, isn’t it? Indeed, a recent survey found that what employers most wanted from their boss for Christmas was to work fewer hours and have more holidays.

10. Responsibly social media management to be taught as part of the national curriculum

How modern.

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