Third quarter French GDP held at 0.3 per cent

Emma Haslett
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Eiffel Tower
The Paris attacks may have dented GDP (Source: Getty)
ooks like it's going to be un Noël médiocre across the channel, after French GDP was held at 0.3 per cent for the third quarter.

That figure is up from zero per cent in the second quarter.

It's worth pointing out that the figure does not take into account any effects of the Paris attacks, which fell on 13 November, meaning it will be factored into the fourth-quarter figures.

However, earlier this month French economic minister Stephane Le Foll suggested the attacks could dent output to the tune of 0.1 percentage points.

The Bank of France cut its expectations for fourth-quarter GDP to 0.3 per cent, from the 0.4 per cent it had originally forecast.

Meanwhile, Markit's purchasing managers' index for the country, published last week, suggested business' incomes had been hit by the attacks.

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