Quiz of the Year: How well do you remember 2015?

Catherine Neilan
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That thing that happened. You remember it, right? (Source: Getty)

It's been a long year, and we are just hours away from a well-deserved break.

But before you skip off merrily into the sunset, awaiting a visit from Father Christmas, we need to ask: just how much attention were you really paying?

That really important thing that happened in the middle of February. You still remember it, right?

Put your memory skills to the test and see whether you have earned yourself a stocking full of presents - or a lump of coal.

Venezuala's inflation got really out of control this year, with people forced to queue for hours to get basic food items. But how much did a packet of condoms cost back in February?

In May, the Lib Dems were destroyed in the General Election - despite one pundit confidently saying he'd eat his hat if the polls were right. Who had to tuck into a fedora later that night?

Remember the Night Tube? Before it was derailed by failed talks between TfL and the unions, we were promised 24-hour service from September. But on which lines?

Jeremy Clarkson ended his long working relationship with BBC series Top Gear this year after attacking producer Oisin Tymon. But what reportedly sparked the incident?

Donald Trump raised a few eyebrows with his outbursts this year. But which of his adversaries got slapped down as a "has-been" with an "overinflated ego"?

It might not have been such a huge year for animal salaries as 2014, but there were still plenty of fat cats. Who got their paws on more than £2m, just for modelling?

Antony Jenkins and John McFarlane didn't see eye-to-eye on the future of Barclays, but they shared a habit for picking up nicknames. McFarlane showed Jenkins why they call him "Mac the Knife", but which of the following was not one of Jenkins'?

Standard Chartered got a new boss in the form of Bill Winters this summer. Other than giving us plenty of opportunity to use Game of Throne puns in headlines, how else did the banking boss keep us entertained?

The ONS revamped its inflation basket this year. What were some of the new items added to the list?

Jeremy Corbyn was the surprise winner of the Labour leadership election. But what does the Islington MP like doing best in his spare time?

Glencore boss Ivan Glasenberg was forced to plough some of his own money in the business after a challenging year. But how much did he put in?

Sir Ken Morrison decided to back a rival retailer this year, building a £6m stake in which company?

Mario Draghi faced an unusual protest in April. What happened?

Sports Direct fought off a lot of criticism this year for its working practices. What did one MP call the retailer this year?

Lenny Henry was knighted this year. How did ITV mark the moment?