Fed rate hike reactions: The best Twitter responses to Janet Yellen's big move

Clara Guibourg
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The force is strong with this one? (Source: Getty)

What to do when the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates from a historic low for the first time in nearly a decade, in a bill of health for the US economy?

Why, take to Twitter, of course.

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The social media site was overflowing with commentary, jokes and, most importantly of all, memes portraying Janet Yellen as a jedi knight.

We all knew it was coming but that doesn’t mean some weren’t feeling thrown by it.

And not everyone was feeling prepared for the effects a US hike is set to have on emerging markets.

(Although, actually, both Brazil and Mexico surprised immediately after the announcement.)

But are we...could we be overreacting?

Some people pointed out how far we still have to go to "normal" interest rates.


Since the Fed’s big decision coincides with the release of a new film you may have heard of: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, naturally economics and sci-fi fans have been punning around “The Fed Awakens” for the better part of the week.


Speaking of Star Wars, is JediEconomist the most timely Twitter account possible right now? Tweeting about both the new film and Yellen’s latest moves, all in Yoda-speak.

His rival was... less happy with the move:

And some people are already begging the jokes to stop.


But c’mon, is it any wonder we excitedly took to Twitter? It’s not like it was an option last time…

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