Hipster pee-repelling walls come to Hackney as council use anti-urine paint in Shoreditch and Dalston over Christmas

Lynsey Barber
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The public urination fightback comes to Hackney (Source: Getty)

Hipsters painting the town red will be in for a surprise if they try and relieve themselves anywhere other than a bathroom as Hackney introduces pee-repelling paint to the walls of Shoreditch and Dalston.

The anti-pee paint became famous across the world when the city of San Francisco started using it. Now Hackney council are doing the same.

"The coating creates a barrier that completely repels liquid. This means that anyone choosing to use the walls as a toilet will see their urine bounce off, covering their shoes and trousers. It also stops urine soaking into the wall – reducing stains and smells," the council said as it trials the anti-urine coating in two "wet spots" in the area.

The council said it spends more than a penny cleaning up urine from walls and pavements - £100,000 to be exact. With the superhydrophobic coating that money will no longer be going down the drain.

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