Google year in search trends 2015: Cilla Black, iPhone 6s, Rugby World Cup and Adele - Here's how we searched the web this year

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We searched our souls this year. Sorry, Google. (Source: Getty)

If there's any indicator into the psyche of the nation, it has to be what we spend our time googling. And this year it was all about Cilla Black, the iPhone 6s, and even the election managed to get our fingers typing.

We said Hello to Adele more than any other musician and while the Rugby World Cup may have been a bust for England, it dominated the biggest moments of the year.

Most searched of 2015

1. Cilla Black

2. Lady Colin Campbell

3. Rugby World Cup

4. Jeremy Clarkson

5. Paris

6. iPhone 6s

7. Grand National

8. Jurassic World

9. Election results

10. Charlie Hebdo

Most searched events

1. Rugby World Cup

2. Paris

3. Grand National 

4. Charlie Hebdo

5. Lamar Odom

6. Solar Eclipse

7. Wimbledon

8. Royal Baby

9. Tube strike

10. Caitlyn Jenner


Most searched music acts

1. Adele

2. Madonna

3. Rita Ora

4. Lil Chris

5. Sia

6. Eagles of Death Metal

7. Daniel Bedingfield

8. Foo Fighters

9. Jay McGuiness

10. Meghan Trainor

If you're wondering why noughties pop crooner Daniel Beddingfield was big in 2015, you're not alone. He didn't just get through it (boom-tish) he made a come back. Apparently.

The world (or, tv viewers, mainly) was introduced to Lady Colin Campbell, thanks to a stint on I'm a Celebrity. Meanwhile, the meme of the year award must go to Ronnie Pickering, an everyday man who found internet fame and gets a nod on the most searched male celebrity list as a result. (And, if you haven't seen the video, take a look.)

“Homegrown celebrities have generated a lot of interest in particular, while the passing of well-known figures made people want to learn more about them," said Matt Cooke, the head of London's Google News Lab.

"Some of the defining topics and traditions of British life, such as the General Election results, the Grand National, and Jeremy Clarkson, have generated a surge in Google searches and will be remembered as events that have characterised the year.”

Most searched male celebrity

1. Jeremy Clarkson

2. Lamar Odom

3. Perez Hilton

4. Charlie Sheen

5. Spencer Matthews

6. Lil Chris

7. Ronnie Pickering

8. Daniel Bedingfield

9. Daniel Craig

10. Duncan Bannatyne

Most searched female celebrity

1. CIlla Black

2. Lady Colin Campbell

3. Anne Kirkbride

4. Adele

5. Caitlyn Jenner

6. Ruby Rose

7. Katie Hopkins

8. Madonna

9. Bobbi Kristina Brown

10. Rita Ora

As for classic questions, the most popular "who is" was not, in fact, Pickering, but "who is Lucy the Australopithecus?", while "how to lose belly fat" was the most popular "how to", even before peak mince pie season has hit. And we asked Google "what is a Penny Black stamp". Of course.

Naturally there was only one name dominating politics this year. People may not believe he can win a General Election, but Jeremy Corbyn certainly roused curiosity got people tapping at their keyboards.

Most searched politicians

1. Jeremy Corbyn

2. Charles Kennedy

3. Nicola Sturgeon

4. Ed Miliband

5. David Miliband

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