Addison Lee introduces feature allowing you to "snooze" your minicab if you're not ready to leave the Christmas party

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Christmas Party Season Begins In The UK
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With less than ten sleeps to go til Christmas, London’s taxis and minicabs are bracing for the mayhem when peak Christmas party hits this weekend. But one of them has a new trick up their sleeve that might just help you and them both.

Friday is expected to be the busiest day of the year for London’s cab drivers, with the Christmas party season in full swing.

And for those of you planning to get a cab on the night, minicab firm Addison Lee has launched a nifty new “snooze” feature, allowing you to push back the pick-up time of your pre-booked cab by 30 minutes at a time if the party is buzzing and you don’t feel like leaving when your cab shows up.

Watch out, though. They recommend booking ahead, as chief exec Andy Boland warns:

We strongly urge people to book their mini-cab in advance to secure rides and avoid complications on this exciting but busy night.

As more and more of us get into the festive spirit(s), you’ll be unsurprised to hear that new research has confirmed what we already suspected: Most Britons are planning a booze-up this Christmas.

One in three are going to at least three Christmas parties in December, and most of us are sure we’re going to drink more than we should, according to research from Coca Cola, showing that two-thirds are predicting they’ll drink one too many drinks, and 27 per cent are expecting to suffer at least four hangovers over the period.

This confirms all our suspicions: The combination of free booze and Christmas spirit proves a heady combination.

Previous research has shown that a quarter of Britons fully expect to drunkenly embarrass themselves at their own office Christmas party, and TfL has reported that accidents on the Tube mysteriously soar around December...

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