From The Shard to Heathrow Airport to the price of a pint: How has London changed in the past fifty years?

Clara Guibourg
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The world is a very different place to what it was in 1965 and London, of course, is no exception.

Back in the Swinging Sixties a week’s worth of Tube rides would set you back just 77p. Even adjusting for inflation that’s only half of the sums we’re throwing at Transport for London for a travelcard today.

Central London Apartments has put together an infographic showing how the capital’s landscape and economy has changed in the past 50 years - from the number of passengers at Heathrow Airport exploding to the income of top footballers and the price of a beverage.

Your daily cuppa has soared 22 times in price, while a pint is 49 times as expensive.

Even in today’s money, a 1965 beer would set you back no more than £1.66, a rough third of what you’re likely to pay in a London pub today.

But it's not all bad news: In 1965, men were still earning 90 per cent more than women. Today, although that gap stubbornly remains, it has shrunk to 20 per cent.