The UK's least welcome Christmas gift: Toiletries, alcohol and candles most likely to get re-gifted

Clara Guibourg
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49 per cent of toiletries get re-gifted (Source: Getty)

You may as well admit it: When your secret santa presents you with a lime-scented candle, or your Christmas stocking turns out to contain a toiletry set you didn’t need, you’ve thought about carefully wrapping it back up and passing the gift on to someone else, haven’t you?

In fact, it turns out that most of us go beyond just thinking about it: A full 58 per cent of people admit to having “re-gifted” presents at some point, a new survey shows.

Some presents are more likely than others to end up on the re-gifting heap, with toiletries overwhelmingly topping the list as 49 per cent of them end up being given to someone else.

It seems generic products tempt us to re-gift. Alcohol, candles and calendars also commonly get passed forward, as well as - perhaps more surprisingly - socks.

Colin Kippenberg, co-founder of online retailer that commissioned the survey, said the results were “surprising”:

We’d like to think that the gifts we provide would never be unwanted, but we do appreciate how annoying it can be to receive two of the same thing.

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