New best friends: What people are making of the new alliance between Katie Hopkins and Donald Trump

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Hopkins told Trump to stand strong (Source: Getty)

Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has courted much criticism for his recent remarks, stating Muslims should be banned from entering the US and that there are areas in London and Paris where police are too scared to go to due to radicalisation.

In Britain alone this sparked a wide range of responses, including a petition to ban him from the UK. In true Trump fashion, he's doubled down, saying UK politicians "should be thanking" him instead of "pandering to political correctness".

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Now, that "respected" columnist Katie Hopkins - yep, the same women who compared migrants crossing the Mediterranean to "cockroaches" - has written to praise Trump. She's certainly appears to be in the minority in the Western world...

Here's what he said:

Ironic, given the Daily Mail has been running a series of articles that openly criticise Trump. Nevertheless, Hopkins seems to have developed compassion, replying:

And here are some of the best responses to what appears to be a match made in heaven:

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