Transport for London lost £61.5m to fare dodgers on the Tube in 2015

Madeline Ratcliffe
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Liverpool Street Commuters
Fare dodgers have cost TfL £61.5m on the tube alone this year (Source: Getty)

The amount Transport for London (TfL) losses to fare dodgers on the Tube increased 207 per cent to £61.47m in 2015, up from £20m in 2010/11.

Approximately 4.5p in every journey is lost thanks to fare evasion, up from 1.8p in 2011.

Labour London Assembly transport spokeswoman Val Shawcross said the rise in fare evasion had far outstripped the 23 per cent rise in passenger numbers across the London Underground network.

Shawcross said Mayor Boris Johnson needed to take “a far more rigorous approach” to tackling fare dodgers, especially as the government has announced it is slashing TfL grants by £700m.

She said TfL should not be closing tickets offices as it could make it easier for fare dodgers if barriers were left open.

Around £18m was lost on the bus networks this year as well.