Where is the love? City workers are losing their mojos ahead of the Christmas holidays

Edith Hancock
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A young couple enjoys a romantic moment
If you're not loved up like these two already, you should probably just write the year off (Source: Getty)

It's hard enough trying to find the “one” when you work in the City, but it’s now becoming even harder. According to BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills, next week is the universally acknowledged Relationship Transfer Deadline Day.

It’s too cruel to break up with someone during the holidays, so if you’re planning on binning off your mistress or toy-boy you have until 3pm next Wednesday to do so. Best get cracking.

According to Nana Wereko-Brobby, Social Concierge boss and matchmaker to London’s financial elite, December is a hard time for her.

She told the Capitalist that there is “concrete evidence” of singles losing their hope in what is meant to be a season all about love.

“If anything, we lose a fair few members in December,” she said. Wereko-Brobby added that at least four of her City clients have left this month due to meeting someone.

“Though some people do pair off in December, it’s actually down to office Christmas parties. People are so busy meeting their co-workers in a different setting that they may not need a matchmaker for a bit. Then of course a lot of people just write off the whole year and give up.”

Some City types haven’t given up yet. According to the seasoned matchmaker, double dates with co-workers are all the rage with London’s big law firms right now. Colleagues at major firms, in one case sitting just two desks apart, are teaming up to wingman each other for a very different kind of merger and/or acquisition...

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