An ice rink on London's Thames? Here's another crazy idea for London's river

Lynsey Barber
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Dancing On Ice
Get your skates on... the Thames? (Source: Getty)

It's been all about the Thames this year, whether it's a garden bridge, floating cycle path or an airport - everyone turned towards the central artery of the city to fulfil its ever expanding sprawl.

Now, the latest crazy idea is to use the waterway for a little festive joy by bringing an ice rink to the river. And not even just one, but several dotted along its path.

The new concept, designed by NBBJ architects, involves jetties which can be rolled in and out. They place an umbrella-like disc under the water to create a small basin of water which would freeze, letting Londoners safely skate on the surface. (In theory. It is, of course, just a concept).

The designers behind the "Frost Flowers" idea said it harked back to the days when Londoners could skate on the frozen Thames in winter , as people did in the nineteenth century.

‘In a dense, modern city such as London the Thames provides a unique open vista where the history and origins of this great city can be viewed," said NBBJ design director Christian Coop. "A draw for Londoners and tourists alike, the South Bank has become a bustling leisure area with bars and markets lining the river. New space is now desperately needed, and accordingly we looked to our heritage to find one possible solution."

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