Want to beat your mid-life crisis? Buy a car or become an alderman. Men over 55 can get a happiness boost from fast cars and joining clubs

Edith Hancock
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Prime Minister David Cameron Attends The Lord Mayor's Banquet
Well, who wouldn't want to sit in a golden chair? Fancy societies make over 50s happier (Source: Getty)

There comes a time in every budding City big-wig's career when he or she gets a taste for fast cars, secret societies and just spending lots of money; the mid-life crisis.

Now recent research has found that mid-50s ennui is not only very real and a big problem, but the only cure is giving in and splashing out.

The study, from retirement income consultants Age Partnership, found that men over 55 are most able to boost their happiness levels by joining a club or buying a new car. That certainly explains why the average age of the City’s 25 aldermen sits fairly comfortably over 60.

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In fact, the ancient order of the City of London’s wards might be just the place to slow the wings of time and relive youthful tradition. A source close to the men and women in robes told The Capitalist that each new alderman faces a little gentle hazing reminiscent of one’s school canteen.

Apparently, any newly elected alderman is required to serve the tea, coffee or wine at certain aldermanic meetings and events. Not unlike sending the first formers to serve up Christmas lunch in the dining hall.

It’s not all about the boys though. What about the high-flying women of the Square Mile? Well, the study claims that women over 55 are made happier by getting a cat or dog than an ancient title. Gee, thanks.

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