MPs' expenses scandal: Parliamentary expenses watchdog Ipsa passes on the names of two MPs to police

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The MPs have not yet been named (Source: Getty)

The UK parliamentary expenses watchdog has passed on cases of expenses abuse by MPs to the police.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) gave the names of three people, including two MPs, the Metropolitan Police confirmed.

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Ipsa said: "Three cases have been forwarded to the Metropolitan Police for assessment; one has been finalised and two remain with the police."

The cases, which involve sitting MPs, are still being investigated. However, in the third case a 33-year-old female employee of an MP accepted a caution for "fraud by false representation", police said in a statement.

The Metropolitan Police received the referrals over the MPs expenses claims.

However, Ipsa is not releasing the names of those who have been referred.

Ipsa was set up in the wake of the expenses scandal in 2009 to monitor parliamentary expenses, and is responsible for paying salaries and expenses.

The expenses scandal exploded when it was revealed that MPs had been abusing parliamentary expenses over many years, exposed through the use of a freedom of information request.

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