Employees really want some extra annual leave, but finance chiefs think they would like more flexible hours

Hayley Kirton
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Four out of ten employees are dreaming of some extra time off (Source: Getty)

A few more days off comes top of employees' workplace wishlists, according to a survey released today by recruitment firm Robert Half.

When asked what perks they would appreciate the most from their employer, with the caveat that they were not allowed to plump for extra cash, 40 per cent said they would like more annual leave, 28 per cent said they wanted more flexible working hours and 16 per cent replied with more training or professional development opportunities.

However, the poor survey respondents could be left wanting. When finance chiefs were asked what they thought their employees would want if they could not choose more money, 56 per cent said more flexible working hours, while only 23 per cent thought more annual leave.

"The focus on employee recruitment and retention sharpens in a robust economy and many executives may be undervaluing a perk their workforce wants most," said Phil Sheridan, managing director of Robert Half UK. "Flexible working is slowly becoming an expectation for many employees, particularly those negotiating their job offer, while having additional paid time off is even more highly valued."

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