Samsung Gear VR launches in UK: Virtual reality device priced at just £80 released


Source: Getty

Technology fans can finally get their hands on Samsung's virtual reality device, after it launched in the UK with a rather affordable (in tech terms) £80 price tag.

The Gear VR is one of the first devices to hit the market, bringing the fledgling technology to the masses. It first went on sale in the US a month ago and picked up positive reviews.

It works with Samsung Galaxy S6 model phones, which fit into the headset.

It handily comes at the same time that a new Star Wars game designed in virtual reality debuted ahead of the blockbuster movie release of The Force Awakens, in addition to reports that the Samsung is planning a VR web browser, so you can experience the internet in almost real-life.

With Sky having just premiered its first ever virtual reality news report, expect more media to become available as the technology develops. 

Samsung's efforts to make the Gear are helped by Oculus, the VR company now owned by Facebook, which is working on its own Oculus Rift device. Sony and Microsoft, which announced Hololens earlier this year, are also working on devices with a view to launching next year.

2015 is the year the technology is expected to enter the mainstream. With the Gear VR, Samsung is giving people a head start on the hype for the price of a stocking-filler (ish).