Give industry some space, pleads British Property Federation, as the industrial sector faces increasing competition from housing for land

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As the government sets new housing goals, the industrial sector faces more competition for land (Source: Getty)

The British Property Federation (BPF) has warned government not to neglect industrial development in favour of building housing.

In a report released today, the BPF highlights the importance of the industrial sector for economic growth.

The BPF also points out the crucial role the industrial sector plays in logistics, generating £100bn in gross value added (GVA) per year and providing vital support to commercial activities like Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

"The logistics sector can often be overlooked, and few realise what a vital part it plays in our everyday lives," said Melanie Leech, chief executive of the BPF. "Delivering the enormous amount of online orders placed on Black Friday, for example, would not be possible without the logistics sector.

"But the provision of industrial land does more than just ensure that your Christmas shopping arrives on time – it also creates skilled jobs and delivers significant economic growth. Local authorities are under a lot of pressure to deliver housing, and while this is important a balanced approach must be taken. This report shows that there is actually a lot for them to gain from welcoming a sector that provides jobs for the local community."

David Smith, director business space and logistics lead for Turley, which carried out the research for the report, added: "These are exciting times for a rapidly evolving logistics sector and it is important that dialogue between the industry, its stakeholders and decision makers is informed by a sound understanding of its true contribution to UK plc"

As the industrial sector increasingly finds itself fighting off competition for land from the residential sector, the BPF is calling on government to better coordinate its approach to development to make sure the needs of industry are met.

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