UK poised to launch air strikes in Syria as David Cameron sets vote for Wednesday

Kasmira Jefford
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PM David Cameron Meets NATO Secretary General
With Labour MPs granted a free vote, David Cameron is likely to win the majority he needs to go ahead with the strikes (Source: Getty)

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced there will be a debate on Wednesday followed by a vote on UK air strikes against Islamic State in Syria.

His decision comes after opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn was forced to back down on plans to make his divided party formally oppose the strikes.

Instead, Corbyn has granted Labour MPs a free vote, handing Cameron the majority he needs to press ahead with the air strikes.

Cameron believes it is time to join other Western powers in bombing IS militants in Syria, saying Britain could not “subcontract” its security to others after the group claimed responsibility for killing 130 people in Paris earlier this month.

“I can announce that I will be recommending to cabinet tomorrow that we hold a debate and a vote in the House of Commons to extend the air strikes that we have carried out against Isil in Iraq to Syria, that we answer the call from our allies and work with them because Isil is a threat to our country and this is the right thing to do,” Cameron said.

He also denied Corbyn's request for a two day debate after being sent a letter by the Labour leader saying the matter is "of such critical importance there must be full and adequate time for any debate".

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