Christmas gifts 2015: Hoverboards, drones and onesies top our list of holiday searches

Clara Guibourg
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'Back To The Future' Day
Hoverboards - not just for Back to the Future anymore (Source: Getty)

The last and biggest day of the Christmas shopping season is officially upon us now.

If you haven't found anything yet, and starting to get antsy about what to get our loved ones - don't panic, you aren't alone. Christmas Eve is still the single busiest day to buy gifts, and as we’re increasingly using our phones to hunt for the perfect gift, our search history is beginning to give away some major clues about what’s on this year’s wishlists.

Google search data shows the search term “Christmas gift ideas” beginning to skyrocket around early November, and continuing to head straight up since then.

The search engine has put together lists of our top holiday gift searches so far. It seems drones, shopkins and hoverboards are top of the list for kids this year.

(Better watch out for those hoverboards though - they may be real, but they’re also illegal.)

As for gadgets, we’re still going gaga for smart devices, with smart TVs and smartwatches the most searched-for electronics gifts.

Meanwhile, the clothing searches show an alarming tendency, as Google predicts the Christmas jumper could be threatened by the rise of the “holiday onesie”, with a spokesperson writing on its official blog:

Hey—we don’t try to explain these trends. We just report them.

Adult onesies are the most searched-for type of clothing, closely followed by brands, like Adidas Superstar trainers and Levi’s jeans.

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