Cyber Monday 2015 UK: Amazon has some truly pointless, unwanted and awful lightning deals - here's eight of them

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Some offers are not all they'e cracked up to be (Source: Flickr/Alex Proimos)

Is sale season really all it's cracked up to be?

Everyone loves bagging a bargain, and what better time to do that than the bonanza time of the year that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

King of the deals days is Amazon, which far from retreating from the pre-Christmas sales period like other shops (online and high-street alike), it has turned the whole thing into a bigger than ever two week event.

Trumpeting thousands of offers, there's items such as Kindles, large screen TVs and Xbox and PS4 games consoles. But, there are also items that are hardly must-haves. We've taken a look at the truly terrible deals you're certainly not missing out on.

Dynasty box set

All seasons one to nine. This can be used as a time machine back to the 1980's so it's hard to put a price on. Amazon has though, and that's £26.99 - a saving of 46 per cent. Who wouldn't pay the normal £50 price tag to see those shoulder pads though? Anyone thinking otherwise can just check with the many people who've already snapped it up - it's already 54 per cent claimed.

Bee hive

Just £12.99 and you could give a bee a home. It's hard enough to get on the property ladder in London for humans, you don't think bees need a helping hand too? If only Amazon did do property and an equivalent Cyber Monday 45 per cent off deal like this.

Tic Tacs

Bingo. Just what you've been waiting for - god knows they're pricey. This 24 pack of Tic Tacs (just 46 calories) is a mere £6.59. In fact, considering the going rate for Tic Tacs at somewhere like a WHSmith at train stations can be as much as £1.49, who'd say no to an 81 per cent saving? We can only assume the 40 per cent uptake of this deal is down to economists having identified this seriously fresh bargain.

Meringue Powder

This is not in fact a war product, but it does contain powdered egg. Apparently used for baking, perhaps there'll be a rush of Great British Bake Off fans waiting to jump on this offer when it comes up later today (price tbc). And never under-estimate the ability of Amazon lightning deals to teach you about entirely new products you've never even heard off.


The question is, since when do you need to buy charades? It may be on offer, but whatever the cost of a charades board game , if it's more than free, you're overpaying.

Presented without comment

These fugly earrings (men, do not gift these to your significant other. Ever.)

Or this (only five per cent off? Hardly worth it anyway).

Someone's time and effort actually went into making this.

However rubbish these deals might be, we can say there has been some improvment on last year's offers when velcro and marker pens were up for grabs.

Looking for an actual bargain? Here's what all the major retailers are doing today.

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