Russia officially suspended from world athletics after it accepts indefinite ban over doping scandal

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Olympics Day 15 - Athletics
Game over: Savinova-Farnosova is one of five athletes recommended for a life ban (Source: Getty)

Russia's indefinite suspension from athletics has been sealed in stone, after it opted not to appeal against the IAAF's ban.

The IAAF had voted to provisionally suspend Russia from all international competition earlier this month after a report conducted on behalf of the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) revealed its athletics federation was involved in systematic drug cheating.

That suspension has now been made official after the All-Russia Athletics Federation (Araf) opted not to contest the measures at a hearing next month.

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Araf may believe that in co-operating with the IAAF it is improving its chances of receiving a more lenient punishment and be permitted to return to the world stage in time for next year's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

In a statement, the IAAF said: "The IAAF council were today informed that written confirmation has been received yesterday from Araf accepting their full suspension without requesting a hearing, as was their constitutional right.

"Afar confirmed they understood that council would only accept their reinstatement as an IAAF member following the recommendation of the IAAF inspection team, who will decide if the verification criteria have been fulfilled."

The report from Wada's independent commission found that thousands of drug test samples had been destroyed at Moscow's anti-doping laboratory, while positive results were kept quiet using bribes.

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