Where in the UK has the biggest pension pot? The only way is Essex, but Surrey, Hertfordshire and East Sussex not far behind

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Does TV star Joey Essex have a big pension pot?

When it comes to pension pots, the only way is Essex, with residents sitting on more retirement savings than any other part of the country, at £125,478.

Retirees in Surrey, Hertfordshire and East Sussex are also sitting on a nice nest egg, with the spots also boasting a pension pot in the top five in the UK, while Shropshire citizens are the worst off, with a stash of just £44,336.

The pension pot of people in the south east comes in at £101,972, on average, larger than any other region in the UK, according to research from specialist annuities provider Partnership. Across the UK, the average stands at £87,724.

Top 10 pension pot hot spots

1. Essex £125,478

2. Surrey £123,788

3. Hertfordshire £123,158

4. East Sussex £121,144

5. Bristol £120,159

6. West Sussex £115,234

7. Wiltshire £110,900

8. Greater London £110,775

9. Buckingham £107,109

10. Cheshire £101,413

“These figures reveal that a fairly concentrated part of southern England boasts the largest pension pots in the UK, more than double the amount saved by those in Shropshire. Intermediated sales tend to be larger than average as these retirees are prepared to pay for financial advice but it does raise concerns as it suggests that they may have access to better outcomes," said retirement managing partner at Partnership Andrew Megson.

The research took into account 2,500 retirees taking an intermediated pension.

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