John Lewis, Amazon & Lush: UK shoppers' favourite retailers revealed as Black Friday 2015 draws near

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The high street has begun fighting back (Source: Getty)

Amazon, John Lewis and Lush are UK shoppers’ favourite retailers, according to a new ranking showing that customer service has beat out price to become our top priority when shopping.

Amazon held the top spot in the hearts of the 10,000 shoppers surveyed by OC&C for its annual Retail Propositions Index, with an approval rating of 87.9, as online shopping continues to outstrip physical stores, not least on measures like choice.

But the high street has begun fighting back. John Lewis clawed its way closer to number one, with an 86.7 score, and as the retailer tied with rising star Lush, Apple was sent tumbling out of the top three.

Price battles and discounts such as Amazon's deals bonaza, may get the most publicity, especially as the Black Friday frenzy on 27 November draws near. But it’s not the matter shoppers care most about. Customer service has actually overtaken price as the primary factor influencing their opinion of a retailer - and UK retailers need to up their game to avoid falling behind their international counterparts.

Of the 10 retailers who scored top for customer service, eight were US-based. Among UK retailers, only Lush and John Lewis hit the top spots.

Matt Coode, partner at OC&C Strategy Consultants, said that there’s no “single formula” for retailers hoping to wow shoppers with their service:

As exemplified by the differences between two of the best in breed: Amazon with its relentless obsession with efficiency and simplicity, and Lush with its emphasis on staff being attentive and giving useful advice to make customers feel pampered and special.

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