Revealed: The universities in the UK and US which give you the best finance and banking salaries and bonus after graduating

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Universities Face Jump In Student Enrollment
City workers who studied at these universities earn more (Source: Getty)

Studying at Cambridge, Oxford or Yale will get you the highest earning job in finance and banking when stepping on the first rung of the career ladder, new research reveals.

Graduates going into finance as an analyst or associate can expect to earn £62,000, on average, but those from Cambridge earn a more generous £91,000, while Oxford grads are a close second with an £85,000 salary and bonus.

It's the traditional redbricks which are commanding the biggest starting salaries rather than those with a business focus, indicating that the industry is looking for a broader range of skills.

The 10 best UK universities for banking careers

Cambridge £91k

Oxford £85k

Edinburgh £84k

Imperial College £80k

London School of Economics £79k

Bristol ££74k

Warwick £73k

Bath £72k

University College London £72k

Trinity College £70k

"It seems UK recruiters are less concerned about vocational course content giving more weight to a university’s reputation and prestige," said salary benchmarking site Emolument's Alice Leguay.

"Over the years, though, as finance has become more complex and required a higher proportion of employees to be versed in IT, financial engineering and economics, vocational technical and scientific degrees have climbed up in the return on investment charts (Imperial College is a good example). We expect to see this trend intensify in the coming years.”

Across the Atlantic, Yale grads are raking in the biggest salary and bonus package - and even more than those who studied at the UK's top institutions - commanding $194,000 (£128,000).

On average, US and Canadian grads from across universities are commanding higher entry-level wages than their UK counterparts, taking home $130,000 according to the figures from Emolument.

The research looked at the institutions where students landed jobs with the most prestigious and highest paying finance firms.

The top 10 US and Canadian universities for banking careers

Yale $194k

Harvard $190

University of Pennsylvania $187k

Stanford $185

Chicago $182k

Boston College $176

Northeastern $176

MIT $166

NYU $162k

Georgetown $161

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