Mastercard Mondays: Free travel on Tube, bus, DLR, tram and National Rail on offer across London with Apple Pay

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Swipe and go with Apple Pay and Mastercard - for free (Source: Getty)

Everyone loves a freebie and Londoners are being treated to an especially valuable one today - free travel across the capital.

Mastercard users will be able to travel on Tube, train, tram, bus and DLR for free by using Apple Pay, making the cold morning perhaps just that little bit more bearable.

And, it's not just today. The free rides will continue for the next three Mondays too.

The freebie is being offered to get people on board with using their phone to tap in and out after Apple Pay launched earlier this year.

Londoners already love ticketless travel - more than 220m journeys have been made using contactless cards and other devices over the last year.

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"The move by TfL last year to accept contactless cards and devices on London Underground has been a phenomenal catalyst to the growth in contactless payments across the UK," said MasterCard's UK and Ireland president Mark Barnett.

“Now that Apple Pay has arrived we want to encourage travellers on London’s transport network to try it out and give them another convenient option to pay for their travel. What better way to do this, than to offer MasterCard customers using Apple Pay the chance to travel for free over the next four consecutive Mondays.”

Users just touch in and out with their iPhone or Apple Watch that's set up with their MasterCard and travel will be refunded up tp £27.90.

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