Twitter is reacting to #Brusselslockdown with pictures of cats - and Belgian police have thanked users for doing it

Catherine Neilan
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Take that, terror (Source: Getty)

Brussels has entered its third day of being on lockdown over fears of a Paris-style terror attack, meaning the metro is closed, schools have been shut and businesses advised to tell staff to stay at home.

Authorities have also asked that people do not update social media with sightings of police as they carry out raids.

So the people of Brussels have found a different way to respond to the frightening situation. With the power of lolcats.

Because, how can you be afraid in the face of cat dressed as a frog. Or a husky.

Or, you know, as a musketeer.

Even if the kitten is armed and apparently dangerous.

Or if they have studied the art of war.

And is actually pretty scary.

Or are being used by the authorities to track down suspects.

It's still a cat.

Take that, terror.

In fact, Belgian police were so impressed with Twitter users' work, they've issued a reward.

"For cats who helped us last night... Help yourself!"

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