Arsene Wenger considers dropping Laurent Koscielny from Arsenal team because France defender was "deeply affected" by Paris terror attacks

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GNK Dinamo Zagreb v Arsenal FC - UEFA Champions League
Laurent Koscielny was in the France team whose friendly against Germany was targeted by suicide bombers (Source: Getty)

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger fears that defender Laurent Koscielny has been so deeply affected by the Paris terrorist attacks that he may need time away from the team.

Koscielny was in the France side whose friendly with Germany was targeted, largely unsuccessfully, by suicide bombers last Friday night, when 129 people were killed across the city.

The centre-back then played again for Les Bleus in Tuesday’s emotional fixture against England at Wembley, although Frenchman Wenger felt the tragic events inhibited his performance.

“You could see that on Tuesday night he was not himself,” said the Gunners boss, who was himself in Paris during the attacks.

“It affected him deeply and I didn’t recognise the player I saw on Friday night on Tuesday night. I will talk with him. What I will want from him is that he is completely committed and feels ready. If not, I will not play him.”

Wenger, whose side visit West Brom tomorrow, praised England’s tributes at Wembley.

“The football world has responded the way you want it to respond in a big union and a big togetherness,” he added. “To see the arch of Wembley in French colours was something that had a strong significance for French people. England handled this situation with a lot of class.”

Wenger also insists France should still stage next summer’s European Championships.

“I feel the country can provide [a safe environment],” he said. “One of the good things out of what happened now is that the security level will be raised and maybe the 2016 Euro in France will be more secure.”

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