These are the top 10 tech freelancers businesses are desperate to get their hands on

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Businesses are hungry for flexible freelancing tech experts (Source: Getty)

With London’s tech sector booming, fast-growing new companies snapping at the heels of monolithic incumbents and nearly every business looking to ramp up its use of tech, it’s no wonder the demand for computer whizz kids is booming.

The number of tech projects listed on, a jobs site, climbed four per cent in the three months to September compared to the three months to June, soaring to a figure of 356,876 globally.

For those employers that are desperate to take on tech experts for short-term projects, these were the freelancers they were most desperate for, according to figures from, where over 100,000 different UK projects have been posted in the last year:

The UK's most in-demand tech freelancing roles
1 Web development
2 Graphic design
3 Website design
4 Writing
5 Mobile app development
6 Software Architecture
7 Database programming (MySQL)
8 Marketing
9 Search engine optimisation
10 Data entry

Global demand for British tech freelancers was highest for graphic design, web development, search engine optimisation and marketing.

Taking a closer look at the trends, said:

Mobile is still a core focus for businesses. Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ and wearable applications drive strong mobile development growth, with Android slightly outpacing Apple with phones and wearable apps. There seems to be nothing stopping the creation of new applications in the UK, with mobile becoming the preferred mode of access for British Web users

Data Science is transforming modern businesses towards insight­-driven action and growth, becoming a core business practice for businesses that want to grow

Figures from recruiters regularly show tech salaries are some of the fastest in the jobs market. Meanwhile, a recent survey showed freelancers, or those pursuing 'portfolio careers', were highly satisfied with their lifestyle.


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