David Cameron is getting his own £10m Air Force One-style prime ministerial plane

Lynsey Barber
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An old RAF plane will be revamped for official use by governement and royalty (Source: Getty)

David Cameron is emulating the president of the US with his very own jet dubbed a "budget" version of Air Force One, and it comes with a £10m price tag.

The Prime Minister - and other senior ministers - will now have access to a converted RAF jet to travel privately to official engagements. The Queen and fellow members of the royal family will also have access to the plane.

"We have been looking at ways to make better use of the RAF fleet to transport senior ministers and consequently deliver savings for taxpayers," said a government spokesman," a government spokesperson told AFP.

"We have decided to adapt one of our existing Voyager aircraft so that, in addition to its primary air tanking role, it can transport ministers and it will also be available for the Royal Family to use."

Spending millions on travel has not gone down well with some people, however, amid major government cuts, particularly to tax credits.

"Blair Force One", which began trending on Twitter, was coined when former PM Tony Blair suggested a prime minesterial plane, but the plan was ultimately blocked by Gordon Brown who controlled the purse strings.

The plane will cost £10m to refit and £775,000 a year to run, the government claims.

Former deputy PM John Prescott was not impressed.

While others imagined what it would look like on board



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