Sky Q: Seven features to tempt customers and everything you need to know - including release date and price

Lynsey Barber
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Sky Q takes shows from sofa to smartphone (Source: Sky)

TV viewing is no longer just a living room event.

New devices - smartphones, tablets - and services - Netflix, Apple TV, YouTube - are changing the way we watch, and we do it wherever and whenever we can.

Now, keen not to miss out, Sky has liberated its service from the gaze of the sofa, with Sky Q, a premium service connecting all your daily viewing habits - from under the covers to the daily commute.

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Launching in early 2016, it doesn't yet come with a price tag, but here are the seven features that might just tempt customers to sign up.

1. Watch, pause and record from any device (and to any device)

There'll be a main set top box hub, but also wireless Sky Q mini boxes to connect to other TVs in your house giving you access to exactly the same TV you'd get in your living room.

It may sound similar to multi-room, but as it brings with it the rest of the new features of Sky Q with it (more below), it's a step ahead.

There's also an app which functions in the same way, bringing all the Sky Q content to a smartphone or tablet.

2. Switch between device, mid-viewing

Stay up late watching Game of Thrones box sets? You can pause it, get some shut-eye, then pick it up again on the morning commute (if a little bleary-eyed), watching where you left off on a smartphone or tablet.

3. Watch and record on multiple screens

Your home has multiple screens and with Sky Q, up to five of them can be used at the same time to watch different things. You can also record up to four different shows at the same time. And all that recording and watching can even be done simultaneously too.

Anything you record no longer sits solely on the box in the living room. Wherever you are, you can watch recorded shows - on a smartphone, tablet, or in another room. Apparently this is the feature most requested by customers. Now, it's here.

4. Get a WiFi boost

Those Sky Q mini boxes not only connect other rooms, they also act as a "supercharge hub" for your braodband, giving a nice boost to the wi-fi around your home

5. Find shows more easily - and more of them

Sky Q gives you a new EPG (that's the electronic programme guide, otherwise known as the TV listings you see on screen).

A new touchpad remote brings the humble remote control into the 21st century, letting you scroll and swipe through the guide.

In addition to the usual TV show, you'll also have the option to view videos from YouTube and Vevo, while content from the likes of GQ, Vogue, Wired, Red Bull and GoPro will be available.

In addition, there's a better search function and, though not until after launch, Sky Q will have voice search.

6. Stream music through your TV

It may not be star feature, but it's a useful one all the same for entertainment fans.

Devices can be connected to TVs with Sky Q through bluetooth or Apple AirPlay, letting you stream music and, essentially, turning every TV into a speaker.

7. Voice search

Everyone loves Siri, and Sky look like they know that. Users will be able to search using voice commands, just like Apple TV.

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