Tesco's professional Christmas light un-tangler jop opening sparks a huge response

Edith Hancock
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The de-tangling applicants may be good, but are they this good? (Source: Getty)

Tesco has been inundated with one hundred CVs this week after opening up a role for a professional Christmas light un-tangler.

The vacancy came to light (groan...) after the firm opened up a Christmas light de-tangling service in its Wrexham store, and now needs a handful of extremely patient job-seekers to do the honours.

Tesco, which began advertising for the position last week, is looking for someone who is "persistent and patient" as well as "genuinely passionate" about unfolding knotted lights and wires.

The supermarket giant is now planning to introduce the service after a recent study found people in Wrexham were the most frustrated in the UK by hours of de-tangling fairy lights.

Going into further depth about the role, a Tesco spokesperson said: "A typical day could involve untangling up to 60 sets of lights." Hours of fun.

The spokesperson ominously added: "We’re really looking forward to the next stage of the interview process and seeing the potential light un-tanglers in action, but it’s going to be a tough decision as we’ve spotted lots of strong contenders already."

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