Office pets: Good idea or bad for business? More than half of UK workplaces would like to bring pets into the office - Purina

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Wouldn't you work better with some help from a canine friend? (Source: Getty)
recent study by Nestle’s pet-food arm Purina has found out some shocking statistics; 82 per cent of UK workplaces will not allow staff to bring their pets into the office, despite half of them wanting to.

Now the pet food firm is campaigning for change with a new scheme called Paw; unlike just bringing your dog into work, Paw is a full-on policy for office spaces where dogs must go through a strict programme before they can “graduate” into the workplace.

Ok, so the scheme may have an ulterior motive behind it. Opening up an entirely new market for wholesale dog food in the office kitchen is a smart move, but pithy research aside this is a serious issue.

More than one third of those surveyed saying an office pet makes for happier and healthier staff and can reduce stress. Besides, who doesn’t want an office mascot? The editorial team at City A.M. have been campaigning for one since September.

Nearly 60 per cent of people said that long hours were getting in the way of getting a furry friend. City workers who burn the midnight oil could become responsible pet-owners themselves if Purina’s Paw scheme succeeds.

Finally, dogs are great for networking. The survey found that taking a pet into the workplace can improve your relationship with your boss as well as get the attention of your office crush. You had us at “office dog”.

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