Barings Bank rogue trader Nick Leeson is back - with a risk management enterprise called Risk Team

Emma Haslett
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Former rogue trader Nick Leeson speaks a
Leeson was jailed for five years after the collapse of Barings Bank (Source: Getty)

Nick Leeson, the man who single-handedly brought down Barings Bank, is back in business - and he's taking a punt on businesses hiring him to help them manage risk.

Today Leeson, best known as the stripy jacket-wearing inspiration behind Ewan McGregor movie Rogue Trader, said today that the idea the company will focus on raising risk awareness around human behaviour, culture, conduct and corporate governance issues.

Leeson is working with Mike Finlay, a "leading expert on operation risk management", he added.

"Twenty years ago this year, Leeson’s own actions at Barings Bank resulted in significant direct and indirect costs that had the most calamitous of all effects, the collapse of a revered financial institution.

"In 2015, circumventing the rules at Volkswagen and a significant data breach at TalkTalk indicate that organisations still have a lot to learn. Parallels can be drawn between both and Barings."

Earlier this year Leeson, who has hit the after-dinner circuit since his release from a five-year stint in jail, described a jail term handed down to a trader who rigged Libor as "a bit heavy".

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