Islamic State claims responsibility for Paris attacks as more than 127 people are left dead

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The group published a statement that is now being shared widely on Twitter
The group published a statement that is now being shared widely on Twitter (Source: Getty)

Islamic State has said it was behind the series of attacks that rocked Paris last night.

In a statement, the terror group said “soldiers of the caliphate” carried out the attacks, which have left at least 127 people dead and a further 180 injured.

Eight brothers carrying explosive belts and guns targeted areas in the heart of the French capital that were specifically chosen in advance: the Stade de France during a match against Germany which that imbecile François Hollande was attending; the Bataclan where hundreds of idolaters were together in a party of perversity as well as other targets in the 10th, 11th and 18th arrondissement.

It also said France was its key target:

...having dared insult our prophet, having bragged about fighting Islam in France and striking Muslims in the caliphate with their planes, which have not helped them in any way in the ill-smelling streets of Paris.

There is a mistake in their message, however – no attack took place in the 18th district. The State de France is based in the Saint-Denis area.

Meanwhile, French President Francois Hollande has raised the country's security threat level to its highest point, and has promised “merciless revenge” against terrorists. He said it was an “act of war” by militants.

When the terrorists are capable of doing such acts, they must know that they will face a France very determined.

According to French officials, the number of deaths is very likely to rise, as half of the injured in a critical condition.

The majority of fatalities occurred in the Batlacan music hall, where people had gathered to watch the Eagles of Death. Further killings took place at the Stade de France and restaurants across the French capital.

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