Christmas adverts 2015: Harvey Nichols wants you to avoid "giftface" with its new festive ad

Catherine Neilan
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Joy! It's an 80 per cent cotton towel set! (Source: Harvey Nichols)

High end department store Harvey Nichols has obviously been on the receiving end of a few less-than-awesome presents.

The business has just released its Christmas advert for 2015, and it's all about that moment when you're confronted with a gift that is... not quite what you were hoping for.

Designed by the same agency behind John Lewis, the Harvey Nichols campaign could not be further from the sentimentality of Man on the Moon. As with previous year's adverts - think 2011's Walk of Shame - this is a more candid version of the festive experience.

Harvey Nichols claims to have research to back up its central argument - 72 per cent of British adults admit to pulling a "gift face" when they receive an unwanted present.

While 63 per cent of us will begrudgingly wear or use this gift to avoid hurting the feelings of a loved one, just 27 per cent of us will tell the person it's not what they hoped for.

And Harvey Nichs clearly wasn't the only one thinking along those lines: Curry's PC World has also opted for the "navigating those tricky festive moments" theme. The main difference, though, is that Curry's PC World also has Jeff Goldblum...

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