What's the worst thing that can happen? Workers say they're most scared of spilling food on their suit at work

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"No, I honestly don't know those photos got leaked, sir..." (Source: Getty)

No matter where you work, there’s always going to be those uncomfortable moments you just can’t escape from. Calling your colleague the wrong name, getting caught slating your boss, being fired in front of the entire office for slating your boss, the list goes on.

But what’s the worst thing that can happen to you in the office? According to a new study, the average worker’s most cringe-worthy nightmare is spilling coffee.

A new survey from the British Heart foundation has looked at the top 10 most socially awkward office mishaps has revealed that spilling something down your clothes before a big meeting tops the list for workplace nightmares.

Accidently clicking “reply all” on a private email came a close second, while 17 per cent of respondents said their pet hate was the inevitable forced small-talk that comes with making a cup of tea in the kitchen.

Some of these awkward encounters might be explained by the fact that a third of people surveyed confessed they don’t know the names of some of their colleagues even though they work in the same office, while almost 30 per cent were guilty of not knowing what many of their fellow employees actually do.

Some even go to extraordinary lengths to avoid uneasy situations with colleagues. Workers surveyed ranked taking a different lift, eating their lunch at their desk or even taking an entirely different route home from work as their favourite ways to continue their blissfully lonely existence.

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