It's Equal Pay Day - but women still expect to earn 20 per cent less than men

Hayley Kirton
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Two in five women are uncomfortable asking for a pay rise, the survey showed (Source: Getty)

Happy Equal Pay Day – or not, as, thanks to the pay gap between male and female workers, women are now effectively working for free from today until the end of the year.

A new survey by jobs website has discover that women now expect to earn 20 per cent less than men, and the average female salary has decreased year-on-year, while average salaries for men have increased.

Number crunchers fared particularly poorly, with the gender pay gap for accountancy now standing at 29 per cent.

Women in East Anglia, where the pay gap now stands at 19 per cent, are also missing a chunk from their pay packet compare to the local men.

And, with two in five women feeling uncomfortable asking for a pay rise, it’s doubtful the situation will improve anytime soon.

“Our research shows a major difference in the pay expectations of men and women, with men demanding, on average, £3,905 more than women – a gap of 20 per cent,” said Lynn Cahillane, communications manager at

“It’s interesting that men are also more comfortable when it comes to asking for the pay rise they feel they deserve.”

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