Tech stocks: How does the all-time high of Facebook's share price compare with Amazon, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo?

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The only way is up for Facebook (Source: Getty)

Facebook's value has topped $300bn with shares hitting an all-time high following stellar third quarter results yesterday.

The social network posted quarterly earning after the bell on Wednesday, showing sales soared by over 40 per cent and mobile growth boomed in the third quarter.

“We had a good quarter and got a lot done,” chief exec Mark Zuckerberg rather modestly pointed out as he presented the results.

Investors are flocking around Facebook, and at Wall Street's open today, the company's shares jumped nearly six per cent to trade above $110 - a new record for the social media giant. The company now has a market cap above $300bn for the first time.

The only way has been up for Facebook stocks: Since listing in May 2012 at $38, the company has nearly tripled in value, with shares rising 187 per cent.

But how does the company compare to other tech stocks? We've crunched the numbers to see who's grown fastest in the past 12 months.

Having increased nearly 40 per cent over the year, Facebook shares are wildly outperforming ailing Twitter and Yahoo, both down nearly 30 per cent respectively over the year.

Facebook also outstrips Microsoft, up 11 per cent, and Apple, up 12 per cent, and just beats Google’s 36 per cent growth.

No one, however, comes close to matching Amazon’s charge. More than doubling in value since the start of the year, the online retail giant is now trading at $640.

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