British Chambers of Commerce: “lazy assumptions” guide MPs' decisions

Lauren Fedor
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BCC director-general John Longworth said that the quality of debate "needs a real shake-up" (Source: Getty)

A leading business group has launched an attack on prevailing wisdom in Westminster, saying that “lazy assumptions” guide government decision-making.

In a new report out today, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) questions popular conceptions about the role of public debt, productivity, education spending, infrastructure projects, trade policies and other business-focused initiatives, saying there is a “growing gap between the perceptions of businesses and voters across the UK on the one hand, and the ‘metropolitan elite’ on the other”.

Commenting, BCC director-general John Longworth said: “The quality of debate in Westminster needs a real shake-up, and so too do some of the lazy assumptions that guide government decisions on business and the economy.”

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